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<includeonly><div class="div-col columns column-width" style="{{column-width|{{{colwidth|30em}}}}} <!--
<includeonly><div {{#if:{{{dim|}}}|style="-moz-column-width:{{{dim}}}; -webkit-column-width:{{{dim}}}; column-width:{{{dim}}};"|class="{{#switch:{{{cols|{{{1|}}}}}}
-->{{#if: {{{gap|}}}
  |strette|3|4|5|6|7 = colonne_strette
    | {{column-gap|{{{gap}}}}} }}<!--
  |#default = colonne
-->{{#switch: {{{rules|}}}
    | = <!--empty-->
    | yes = {{column-rule}}
    | {{Column-rule|{{{rules}}}}} }} <!--
  -->{{#ifeq: {{{small|}}}|yes
    | font-size:90%; }} <!--
[[Categoria:Template formattazione testo]]
  -->{{#if: {{{style|}}}
    | {{{style}}} }}"><!--
-->{{#if: {{{content|}}}
</div>}}<!-- Inventory how many pages use small=yes
-->{{#ifeq: {{{small|}}}|yes
    |[[Category:Pages using div col with small parameter]]}}</includeonly>{{#invoke:Check for unknown parameters|check|unknown={{main other|[[Category:Pages using div col with unknown parameters|_VALUE_{{PAGENAME}}]]}}|preview=Page using [[Template:Div col]] with unknown parameter "_VALUE_"; use colwidth= to specify column size |ignoreblank=y | colwidth | content | gap | rules | small | style }}<noinclude>
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